WordPress Plugins in the Best Manner Now

Over time you will discover that within WordPress there are web agencies that release only quality products, such as the tagDiv and TieLabs and which can be trusted almost regardless, but for the first few times, it is necessary to pay close attention to this aspect. The WordPress Plugins are perfect there.

Analysis of user support

WordPress Plugins

To carry out this analysis, we open the datasheet of the graphic theme for WordPress, proposed by Themeforest, and analyze the comments. In the tab of the web agency, we look then if there is a link to a dedicated forum, to provide further support.

  • The feedback of those who have already purchased their products
  • How it works and if user support works
  • How many known mistakes are there
  • How long does it take for the developer team to respond to user issues
  • What documentation they release (if it seems well done to us or if it has been developed quickly)

A product may require support once purchased for the purpose of personalizing the code or in relation to a technical problem and it is for this reason that the support is up to the situation. In the additional documentation, we can understand a part of the operation of the theme, admin side.

If in the comments the author too often asks to send an email for support, without providing explanations directly in the discussion section of Themeforest, we become suspicious and if we delete the theme from the shortlist.

HTML code analysis

After opening the preview of the graphic theme we analyze the HTML code to see if it is dirty and, in the case of a graphic theme in HTML5 (which we tend to prefer except very rare cases), we analyze how structural tags are used, which help to make it interpretable better from the various browsers the website that we were going to create. The products examined, with dirty code, are promptly eliminated.

Number of sales

A well-sold graphic theme is synonymous with quality, despite the originality. However, if the graphic theme is well developed, it is possible to customize it easily and a high number of sales, over the years, makes me think that the product has already been tested by users. In this regard, it is necessary to check the comments to see what the buyers think, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Thanks to these data we eliminate the candidates sold very few times.

Compatibility with browsers

Not all graphic themes are compatible with all browsers, so it is necessary to open the technical data sheet of each of them and understand for which browsers the layout we are analyzing is optimized. If the list of browsers is minimal, we remove the product from the collection.

Predisposition for the child theme

We never managed to develop a website without putting our hand to the PHP code or the CSS that make up the layout. For this reason, if we buy a product of this type on Themeforest, we look for it to be compatible, or to be supplied, with a child theme.