What movie to see tonight: how to answer it

Choose a movie that you really liked. Then, to the question “which movie to watch”, you will automatically associate the answer “this movie”. The easy solution is to log in at movies123 and choose from the vast options.

Find your movie on movies 123.

After a long and trying test phase, we have a small preference for the second solution! On finding a movie, we guide you to the right movie to see, to the movie you are looking deep inside of you, without really knowing it. Some will say that the first solution has at least the merit of being quick; what we tell them is that here you can find a movie idea almost as fast! And if you are in a great hurry, you even have a short list of very fast criteria for people who are eager to see a movie. On the contrary, if you are a bit more patient, you will be able to look for movies happening at a given time, for a specific occasion, to see it with someone special. Nevertheless, if you sniff the idea of ??looking for a movie and you have the fantasy of discovering the best movie of your life by randomly entering a movie theater, try choosing a random movie in our selection of writing. All the writing mainly composed of me has selected the films that have marked or touched and that we want to share and discover.

But how does it work?


The idea of ??the site is to classify the films according to criteria close to the emotions that one would like to feel. So if you say “I would like a film that makes me laugh and touching”, “I would like a love film that gives me a smile” or “I would like a good action movie not too much demanding, “find a movie can offer you a selection of these films. Just let yourself be guided and answer a few questions to find the type of movie you want to see:

But how did you rate all these films? It’s simple, we hired a hundred scholarly monkeys to watch dozens of films every day and classify them according to how they feel about them. We also had to recruit dozens of gorillas to monitor – and chastise if necessary – the monkeys, which are sometimes a little dissipated and do not respect their quota of films to see. Thus, you have a lot of interest to enjoy finding a movie and find good movies to see, at the risk of denying the martyrdom of these poor monkeys and gorillas, which break their hearts to abuse cousins. For more details and photos, a page is dedicated to the work of these primates and filmmakers to find a film.

Search, find, select

Searching for astronomical amounts of movies on TV, DVD, Internet, then choosing a movie based on our activities with children is an exciting job, but, having a quality film research methodology is necessary to afford a wide variety of choices, a fair idea of ??the panorama of the audiovisual production of children’s movies.

Educational or educational films

The educational goals of a film and its use in the classroom guide choices. Introduce children to image techniques? Stimulate artistic sensibility? Show a movie for its informative content? Enrich a subject studied at school? Our portal aims to bring together a number of poetic and original films whose quality and diversity will constitute an educational environment and become an educational tool for teachers and parents.

Criteria for choosing a children’s film

Having tools, determining criteria for choosing allows you to select movies based on the use of a movie in class or at home.