Variety of patterns: repeat pattern design

I hope can you hear the different variety of patterns in your life, right? Possibly patterns are known for some design or following some guidelines or something related, right? But, what about the repeat pattern design ? I hope we are experiencing a different variety of patterns in our life.

repeat pattern design

Three stages of pattern in my life:

Can you remember your childhood? I mean can you remember the sentence pattern? Yes, the same sentence pattern. If you did not remember, then let me hear out. In your school days, you read grammar, right? If you read grammar, then you will know this sentence pattern. Can you remember now? Otherwise try this. Subject, verb, object, adjective are the pillars of sentence pattern. I hope you are all getting this. This is the first pattern I was experienced in my life. And the second one is something different. Yes, I am always watching movies and especially psycho-thriller movie genres. Yes, Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite director. Do you know something? He is the father of psycho thrillers and suspense movies around the world. Yeah it is my private issue and let’s gets back to the patterns. Do you know the story of all psycho-thriller movies? Possibly all stories are the same pattern. Yes, I am sure about this.

They designed psychopaths as villains with different backdrops and different reasons but the same design that is psycho. Did you note the point? In every movie, the psycho following some murder pattern. Yeah, maybe in real-life too. This pattern helps our hero caught the psychopath. In some movies, psycho leaves no traces but there is a pattern in lies inside. This is the second pattern I was experienced in my life. The third one is something difficult and a real one. Yes, you are experiencing in your daily life. If you check your home tiles, then you will know the pattern in it. Here the pattern is a design. Yes, I already stats that, right? The pattern is a design for decorating surfaces with the same or different or otherwise number elements in the same or different manner. This is repeat pattern design or otherwise, we can call it also a pattern.

Variety of repeat pattern designs:

I already stats that we are experiencing the pattern design in our daily life. For example, home tiles, mobile wallpapers, book covers, gift wrappers, and there are many patterns like this. We can see some varieties and they are,

Home tiles: we love our home full of tiles, right? It improves our home looks. And it is also an economical one, right? There are plenty of tile designs available in the store. We can go and select our wishing designs, right? Do you know how they are attracted? Tiles are attracted because of the patterns or repeat pattern design. Yes, they are using patterns in the same or different manners.

Mobile wallpapers: you can also set your mobile wallpapers with the same or different patterns. This makes it look better.

Book covers: there are pattern design book covers available in stores. You can buy them.

Gift wrappers: gift wrappers are looking gorgeous, right? Do you know the reason? It is because of the pattern or repeats pattern design.