The Objectives in Juul Pods for You Now

In the United States, Juul Labs overtook its competitors in record time. The Californian Juul Pods start-up is now turning to France with one objective: to conquer the hearts of smokers, and convince them to hang up with their electronic cigarette. But apart from marketing, it does not bring any major innovation and above all, it is highly dosed with nicotine.

Juul Pods

Visually, this e-cigarette is a pure product of Silicon Valley. Its sober and refined lines are reminiscent of the curves so dear to Apple. In fact, the Juul was able to make itself lighter and thinner than its competitors, bulky and clumsy. In the United States, she was able to convince. Now, the start-up is targeting France and its 16 million smokers. To achieve this, Juul Labs is preparing a more discreet arrival, without fuss on social networks.

  • Since December 6, its vape is available at a price of € 39.99 for a “premium pack” (containing a device, a charging base and four e-liquids called Juulpods). Quite inexpensive, it is simple to use. For the moment, its sale is limited to a few shops in the Paris region and to the manufacturer’s website, where a double identity check is carried out. In accordance with the law, the sale of products is prohibited for minors. Counterfeit devices are also offered on many e-commerce sites. The Juul electronic cigarette accompanied by its false air refills from a USB key.

Exaggerated arguments

For its arrival in France, the start-up plays the withdrawal card. Even tweak reality a little. Juul is “a real alternative to cigarettes”, which is more “effective”, the manufacturer repeats over and over again. Questioned by Que Choisir, he quotes “an independent study” conducted by a consultancy firm, the CSUR (1). It is actually a survey of its customers. “64% of American adults (aged 21 or over) questioned on a sample of 19,000 people did not smoke after having used Juul for the first time”, advises Juul Labs which also indicates relaying customer testimonials “in order to help other people to quit smoking. ”

At the moment, no e-cigarette has shown its effectiveness in smoking cessation. Only their slightest harmfulness is safe. According to the French Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT), 2.5% of the French population vapes every day, of which 59% smoke at the same time. This calls into question the concept of alternative.

What They are Saying

“We do not pretend to be a stop smoking solution, simply an alternative solution making it easier to give up smoking,” says Juul Labs but not nicotine therefore. This is a problem since the product is highly dosed: 20 mg/ml, the maximum authorized dose. This threshold is supposed to “reproduce at best the peak of sensation expected by adult smokers, thus helping them to quit more easily”. But it is a very addictive substance.

An American success story

Juul Labs keeps repeating it. Its product is not intended for people who have never smoked or young people. In this, the firm seems to have learned from its mistakes. Because in the United States, a whole different story has been written. The company launched in 2017 with great reinforcement of social media campaigns. In less than a year, it has won three quarters of the electronic cigarette market. This unprecedented success hit an unexpected target: young people, including high school students who had never touched a cigarette in their life.