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The dependence on technology is increasing in companies and to benefit from all that digital transformation can provide, we need to constantly seek improvements. Being aware of the performance of the corporate network is one of the factors that help the company’s performance.

So how to optimize the results of the company’s internal network? In the following lines, we will talk about the main errors that lead to poor corporate network performance and tips for optimizing its performance. Take note and get to work. The use of the Lifestyle coach comes useful now.

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Errors in corporate network management

Some factors can directly influence the speed of a network. Some items can slow down and increase response time. These problems hit employees who may have their productivity reduced.

Among the most common errors are:

External data center: When using queries to external databases, slowness can be caused by configurations of the data center itself.

Internal network: Poor configuration of the internal network and access and distribution points can also slow you down.

Wireless network: signal interference from poorly designed installations of signal distribution points is a common cause of the malfunction.

Contracted data link: the problem can often be alien to the company and maybe the responsibility of the network link provider. When identifying such a situation, you must open a call with the provider.

VPN private network: used for a secure connection between two points, such as branch offices. It can be misconfigured and slow and difficult to access.

Optimization Tips

Just as a number of mistakes can be made when deploying and configuring corporate networks, a number of measures can be taken to prevent failures and unavailability of services.

Make constant updates

You need to be aware of all the new technologies introduced in the market in order to replace the company’s old network platforms with more modern and secure solutions. Continuously updating network items, both software and hardware, is an investment in productivity. It also ensures the availability of services and time optimization of employees, who can perform their tasks faster.

Perform tests

One of the simplest ways to look at bottlenecks in a corporate network is through periodic performance testing. In this way, you can verify the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s network infrastructure and work on action plans to address vulnerabilities and negatives.

Monitor indicators

Monitoring network performance is another important point for the manager, who should be aware of any changes in the indicators chosen for this task. These may include network latency, server load, network response time, and more. Following and interpreting the data collected from these indicators may result in general diagnosis of the current state of the corporate network and what action should be taken to avoid the dreaded slowness.

Control response time

Even by adopting a very strict and clear usage policy, no matter how well the equipment has been configured and integrated, problems such as a mechanical defect or network misuse can slow it down. It is therefore important to control network response time. Use efficient network management methodologies and monitoring software to continually study the performance of corporate network hardware and software solutions. With this, the optimization of this feature becomes a more proactive process, as it detects problems early, avoiding major losses.