Smart Details for the Best Restaurants Now

Not sure where to eat? These tips will help you choose your next dining destination. One of the worst feelings is being hungry and not knowing what to eat or where even worse when it’s a special date and you want to make a good figure with that special person. Frustration, headache, and even anger overwhelm a person, making us make bad decisions. The visit to will be benefiting for you now.

Positive experience of the place and its related elements contribute greatly to providing relaxation, pleasure and relaxation. Consequently, they tend to generate a pre-disposition to the analysis of executive proposals. Use these factors to your advantage and choose the business lunch restaurant with the utmost attention and common sense, always.

How many times have you not been disappointed because you chose the wrong restaurant?

Who run by word of mouth, and who have served us to choose the right place. The moment of choice has come when one of the most important factors to consider when going to the restaurant is whether you will eat healthily, if it is a special event or if it is a business or romance meeting. Once you have this as a basis, the following factors will be taken into consideration:


Location is an important factor to take into account as transfer time for both outbound and return travel must be considered. If it is a distant place, be sure to consider whether you drink alcohol, because if so, you should think of a better option to move around. Tip: Look for one near your area because you will also have the option to know the way better.

Type of Food

In the city of Praia, Santa Maria, Mindelo, as well as throughout Cape Verde, as well as in the major cities of the world, the gastronomic offer is almost endless, so choosing between Cape Verdean or international food will be one of your important points to choose from. Tip: Don’t get carried away by the façade of the place, or as it looks, check the menu beforehand.

Menu and Prices

As we mentioned, appearances can be deceiving. Not all elegant restaurants are expensive, nor the cheapest restaurants serve the best food. Check the type of food you want, depending on your budget, so you won’t have a surprise in the end. Tip: Also check the price of drinks from the beginning. Ask for the menu or the specialty of the day, usually these dishes have cheaper prices.

Fix On People

If you see few places available, it can help you choose. In general, places that are always full indicate they are good and meet all expectations, because there is a reason why people are always there. Tip:  You can ask a relative or friend for a recommendation.


If your idea is to have a more romantic night, it is better to choose a quieter place or if you want it to be more fun, choose one that has live music. It will all depend on your tastes. Tip: Call before you go and ask if they have live music or background music, or maybe if they have a terrace or private room.