Powerful women do things differently.

When a strong woman enters a room, she will surely turn her heads. She is optimistic and has a certain enigma in the way women leaders do. The way she goes, speaks and looks will let you know straight away that nobody will accept this woman’s misgivings.

shari arison goodnet founder

She knows what she wants and goes with a passion after it. She persists in struggles and is not put down by anyone or anything. Her passion, motivation and confidence are driven by her spirit. She never gives up, and she’s a force to count on.

Here are things that powerful women like shari arison goodnet founder do differently.

  1. She’s investing in herself.

A strong woman takes time to invest in herself, whether it’s her fitness, appearance or education. She takes the time to make sure she is fit inside and out, healthy and beautiful.

She acknowledges that she needs education and training in her chosen field if she wants to further her career. Personality and professional development are for her a never-ending endeavor. She recognizes that complacency will hinder her development and will always find ways of improving herself.

  1. She doesn’t depend on anybody.

Based on another person can be seen as a weakness and a disincentive to personal success. A powerful woman means that she can stand on two feet and achieve her goals with perseverance. This is as basic as setting goals, how to attain them and how to accomplish them.

She realizes that she’s virtually unstoppable by being alone. She can do anything with her own skills which her dedication and perseverance have carefully developed.

  1. She’s not allowing herself to be a victim.

A strong woman knows it is a waste of time to worry. She recognizes that when challenges and issues occur, finding solutions is more important than feeling frustrated and betrayed.

She’s not allowing herself to become the victim. She faces up to the challenge and works to get what she needs and goes where she wants.

Sure, she could get mad, angry or hurt. But she doesn’t encourage herself to wallow for too long in self-pity. She gets up, gathers together, and tries again, but it’s harder this time.

  1. She’s taking risks.

A strong woman knows that without taking chances success cannot be achieved. She knows she needs to stop occasionally playing safe. This does not mean, however, that they make rash decisions. Strong women take calculated risks carefully.

The founder of the bestseller “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg, said people would ask themselves “What would you do if you weren’t scared?” This will affect change in all aspects of your life.

  1. The people around her are uplifted.

A powerful woman does not have to put people on the ladder. It’s not about taking someone ahead of her–it’s about putting them up with her.

And she readily offers it to someone who needs help. And when a person in her team is underperforming, she is finding a way to raise them so persuade them not to speak to them.

A strong woman gives back kindly to society and makes others excel. She knows that true prosperity and happiness cannot be accomplished by focusing solely on herself. She needs all around her to get her own heavenly slice.