Horror mystery escape room tour

The gang of 3 boys and 2 girls planned their vacation to the mystery places. They keep on planning to the place but they have no idea about the places.

The newspaper advertisement:

One boy from the gang notices the newspaper advertisement. That was escape room singapore . The boy urged their friends to see the advertisement in the paper. After reading the advertisement all of the members in the gang are very excited to visit the place. So they planned to go to that place for the vacation.

The journey begins:

All the 5 are very excited to visit the place. So they pack their dresses and booked the flight tickets to fly there. After landing they spent some hours to refresh. After refreshing they planned to round Singapore, they went for some purchasing and some to take food.

Enter to escape room:

After that day night spent, the very next day morning they planned to go escape room that they had seen in the advertisement. The very next day they all reach the place. All 5 members take a single room. In the day time, the room looks quit and peaceful. But the drawing and the way they decorating the room gives some terrible feelings. But finally, the terrible feeling changes into the horror feeling due to the way of the light decoration and sounds from the room.

Shocking moment:

The set of 5 members one boy is missing in the room. They don’t understand what is exactly happens. They started searching for the boy. They searched for finished all over the floor but the boy does not get appear. All the remaining four were confused. They think that he has to go to some other place. Time passed away but the boy does not come.

Missing of two:

They all get be feared suddenly one with a big horrible voice comes. They were all shocked. But there is only 3 person is in the room. One girl also gets missing they don’t understand what is exactly happen. Their fear level goes to the extant.

The crying sound:

In the room, the crying sound is getting more. All of them were in shock. There are only 2 boys and 1 girl there. And they finally analyze that there is some negative power in the room. They all thing that is sprit. But they try to talk to the spirit. All started to praying. They started to took their bible and started reading the mantra.

escape room singapore

The whole night was passed with fear and horror. Till now they do not understand what is exactly happen. The sun gets up. Slowly the room of darkness gets the lighten. They slowly understand that it was all set up by the escape room team. They only kidnapping one boy and one girl. All the members are very angry about it and they accept the things and tell it’s ok it gives a good horror feel. After checking out from the escape room all 5 were gone to the airport by cab.

Finally, this holiday gives very good memories and also horror memory also. They don’t forget the memorable vacation in their life. All of them are very happy to go to that place.