Greater Supports for the Best Bathroom Renovation

According to experts, in addition to a beacon project, it is essential that these reforms are always carried out with appropriate technical support. In the case of a renovation that includes the scope of increasing a shower, for example, alteration of sewage points, this process requires the technical monitoring of qualified professionals. Regarding the rénovation salle de bain this is important now.

Coatings & Mortars

rénovation salle de bain

When well-defined, a project also addresses final product specifications based on reform assumptions, making it easy to purchase the right materials. In the case of bathrooms, it is always important to pay attention to the specific mortars for waterproofing and the specific ones for laying. Poor waterproofing, whether due to poorly defined materials and workmanship, can in the not-too-distant future cause problems in bathroom coatings and other building systems and subsystems, leading to needing for an unexpected new reform.


The choice of bathroom floor tiles should take into account the humidity factor and the high possibility of slipping compared to other environments. Therefore, it is necessary to observe characteristics linked to adhesion, called a PEI index-linked to friction. The grouts also have their technical plots suitable for the environments and their thickness joints also depend on the size and typology of floor covering employed in the environments. Therefore, they must be chosen with technical criteria.

As for the coating, it is still necessary to be aware of its dimensions, to allow a better use in relation to the site plan. It is also important to consider that purchased ceramic tiles are from the same batch, as using different batch tiles can result in different colors and a not so harmonious end result. Purchasing and maintaining additional inventory for future maintenance whether preventive or corrective is also a good business to have technical control of this material should any dealings with the manufacturer be required.


Regarding the laying, it is very important to check if the ceramic coating to be applied is porcelain, ceramic or marble, as there are also specificities in the laying mortars for each type of coating to be applied. Initially, during the application, it may appear that products have the same characteristics and purposes, but over time, the result will not be what the owner expects.

The validity of mortars, the way they are stored, as well as the care with the transportation and storage of products on-site are other factors that deserve attention. The most renowned manufacturers usually put the relevant technical information in their packaging, as well as make the expiration date and manufacture clear, following the recommendations of technical standards, helping the engineering professionals, as well as the general public to any doubts and decision making, says expert. Still, in case of any more specific doubt, some manufacturers make available on their websites the datasheets of their materials, which include some additional information in the packaging, as well as detailed and additional care for the application itself.

Risks and care

The risks of a poorly executed bathroom makeover are numerous and involve not only the aesthetic part itself but also safety concerns for users. A misleading specification of floor tile can, for example, expose you to falls. Ceramic peeling, in turn, can result not only in cost problems but also in cracking and consequently the danger of cuts.