Greater Choices in the Use of the Scrap Cars

Do you have an old car that just stands or costs the repair more than what the car is worth? Then it may be time to scrap the car. Here you will find tips on what to think about. When it is time to scrap the car, submit it to an authorized car scrap company. They take care of the car parts so that they can be reused and ensure that hazardous waste is disposed of properly. There are also special reception places where you can leave your car. From Skrota bil you can have the best choice now.

Please bring these papers

In order for you to be able to get back the vehicle tax, cancel the car insurance and be sure to avoid fines and any congestion tax, it is important that you be deregistered as a car owner. Take this with you when you scrap the car:

  • The yellow part registration certificate
  • Identification

If someone else is to hand in your car for scrapping, that person must bring a proxy from you. If you do not find the yellow part of the registration certificate, order a new one from the Transport Agency before going to the scrap car. Order a new registration certificate here

You should bring paper with you

Skrota bil

When the car is submitted for scrapping, you must obtain proof that the receiving place has become the owner of the car. In connection with the scrapping, the car is stopped so that it cannot be taken back into traffic. Here’s what to bring from there:

  • Receipt
  • Inscribed registration certificate

The registration certificate must then be submitted to the Transport Agency so that you will no longer be the owner of the car.

How much does it cost to scrap the car?

It is free to scrap the car in many municipalities. In some municipalities, you can pay a fee to get the car picked up. If there are parts of the car missing, such as a gearbox, engine or if the car is just an empty body, you may also pay a fee.

What happens to the car when it is scrapped?

It is good for the environment that car parts are utilized and reused. When you scrape your car, for example, the tires, balance weights, fuel tank, batteries, catalysts, brake oil, coolant and unlade airbags are recycled. Other things like oil filters, air conditioning refrigerants, engine oils, gearbox and steering system are safely destroyed.

What happens to car insurance?

When the Transport Agency receives information that you have submitted the car for scrapping, they will notify us and we will then remove your car insurance. If you have paid for an insurance period that is after the scrapping date, you will receive money back.

According to the Environmental Code, the owner of a passenger car is always responsible for the consequences that can result from neglect. Typical examples are decontamination after the leakage of environmentally hazardous substances and oil during the longer installation of the car as well as payment requirements for salvage. To avoid such problems, the owner is always advised to hand in the car for scrapping before environmental problems arise.

One last tip, so you don’t be disappointed, please realizes that you are selling used car parts that are not new, out of the box. Therefore, unless the parts you sell are from a luxury car or a highly collectible car, you will not get the full price for the parts.