Design, construction and Auto parking

Parking areas are well designed in public areas for rent. Vehicle movement can be on the floor only. The most common type is the interior ramps. take the form of a circular ramp is called exterior ramps. The least common is vehicle lifts. A combination of ramp and elevator is called automated robot systems. The design of car parks is less than the office building 50 psf versus 80 psf. Prestressed concrete double-tee floor systems or post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete floor systems are the most common structures in the United State. In 1964, two-level underground Parking spaces structures were an innovative concept in California State University, Los Angeles. Four people were killed and nine more injured in October 2012, at a campus of Miami-Dade College in Florida. multi-story structural wall panels, interior, and exterior columns, structural floors, girders, wall panels, stairs, and slabs these are the part of concrete. To improve the strength of the structure in the modern construction of the precast modules.

Parking spaces

Construction types

There are three types of construction such as Concrete, Steel structure, Automated(mechanical). car parks made of steel components connected. Steel is a stronger material than other types of structures like concrete and timber. Inexpensive to manufacture and erect, and requires less maintenance are at less cost. Rapid installation on-site speed. Durability, 50-plus years lifespan. Structures that could be designed to be removed at a later date are called removability. Expanded easily at a later date are called expandability. Creativity, long column-free spans. Foundationless and modular, removable steel car park structures are developed using Demand, steel features, and innovation. Using the modular assembling method of vertical and horizontal elements to develop the building concept of modular car parks. Relocated to avoid choosing by converting a surface to the parking area. without leaving any footprint on the ground in Virtual double. The light steel single-deck car park system is called double parking.

Automated parking

In 1905, Automated parking was only used in earlier days in Paris. To minimize the area and/or volume required for parking cars the automated parking is designed. To maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing land usage like a multi-story parking garage the automated parking was designed. Very high volumes are moved out of loads. Storage density is important in an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS). A variety of computer-controlled systems consists of An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS). Automated parking facility (APF), automated vehicle storage and retrieval system (AVSRS), car parking system, mechanical parking, and robotic parking garage are alternative names of automated parking systems. Collection of vehicles called Vehicle location data. Automatic number plate recognition of vehicle registration plates is a common method. It is used to reduce the space to park the vehicle so only automated parking is introduced. The need for parking spaces and a scarcity of available land are the two concepts of automated parking. A Ferris wheel-like APS called a paternoster in 1920. In the ground space normally used for parking two cars but in automated parking could park eight cars. In 1951, the first driverless parking garage opened in Washington, D.C. Automated structure is Higher than conventional car park structures. Automated car parks are similar to technology used for mechanical handling and document retrieval. Fear of breakdowns and Maintenance are additional factors of automated parking.