Choosing The best Choices for the best Luxury Home Purchases

The most important thing above all is to make sure that you know the real estate agency and the people you are dealing with. You would be amazed at how many people come to Turkey and meet a friendly waiter who has a friend who sells an apartment at a very reasonable price and before they understand. When it comes to the Luxury Homes in Istanbul then the options are there.

Despite recent laws introduced in Turkey in line with European practices regarding customer rights, there are still many gray areas and buyers are not protected here in the same way as they would be in their country of origin. When looking at the quality of the real estate agency’s website, this is the first indication of the skill level of the business. If the site is professional, without boring music or bad links, then this is a good start.

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At this point, before you even look at potential purchases, you can do a search on the real estate agent to see if anyone has made a negative comment on it. Obviously, people may have some incidents from time to time for which the real estate agent is not responsible, but you will be able to see from the complaints of people how the real estate agent worked to solve the problems.

After choosing some properties that interest you, you can send a business investigation email. Although you shouldn’t necessarily expect a response the next day, a response that is more than a week late indicates that they are not as attentive as they could be and that you should be careful.

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Of course, the way they express themselves in the email will give you an overview of who you are dealing with. If they insist on bringing you to Turkey as soon as possible to take you on a prospecting visit, then you would have to wonder why that sense of urgency. Most professional real estate agents, especially those in tourist towns, should have at least one staff member who is fluent in English.

Arranging a trip via an agency

Book your trip and if the agency advises you on cheap accommodation and a prospecting program for a day or two, you might decide to go for it before with this agency there, but it would also be interesting to take the time to meet the other real estate agents during your trip.

Booking with too many real estate agents

Another mistake that some people can make is to book with too many real estate agents. Of course, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that you don’t want to make a hasty decision, but if you stick with a couple of real estate agents at most, you’ll get a feel for which one you prefer and we can start to make more serious inquiries into these particular properties.

Remember, the real estate agent acts on behalf of the seller as well as the buyer, ie you, so that they could have agreements between them. It is always best to have this extra protection from someone who only looks after your interests.

Although the real estate agent has probably verified the seller’s property titles, it is best to have the property titles verified by the lawyer as a security measure for your account. They will verify that the seller is what he claims, that he owns the property outright and that the property is not mortgaged.