Smartest Solutions for the Perfect Destiny 2 boost

Another way to get medallions without investing real money is to disassemble the cosmetic items issued when the level is raised. Just “spray” unnecessary emotions, ships and sparrows that you do not need. So you can get up to 100 specks of dust for the contents of each bright engram. For Destiny 2 Boost this is essential now.

Weekly Challenge and Exotic Engrams

So, what other ways are there to increase Strength without having to farm heroic open events? And there are already 4 of them in Destiny 2 at the time of this writing:

  • Weekly test type Flashpoint,
  • Crucible Weekly PvP Test,
  • Twilight raid Nightfall strike a complicated version of one of the game raids,
  • Clan weekly test.

The strength of the rewards given out for these activities is determined by the current Strength of the items that are equipped with the character. This means that if a set of 240 Strength is available, then you can get items with Strength up to about 248 as a reward.

Destiny 2 Boost

Therefore, due to the difficulty of passing, you should not get carried away. It is much easier to go through the campaign, adventures, patrols and other types of simple tasks, gradually increasing the Strength to 260. But then there is no choice left: you have to climb into the thick of it. But it’s worth it: in just a couple of days, you can increase your strength to 275.

Join the clan

It’s a great idea to join the clan since Destiny 2 doesn’t oblige you to do so. Clan membership allows you to receive additional rewards every week, but only if the clan is active enough to pass the corresponding weekly test. In addition, in the clan, you can find good guys to participate in the raid.

Do not forget about PvP in Crucible, every week for active participation you can get a good reward. One bottle lasts 5-7 minutes, and the reward for it is one or two good objects. In addition, it is much more fun than the usual “grind”.

By the way, since it’s about PvP, it’s worth recalling that Trials of the Nine will open in Destiny 2 on September 15th. This is a playlist of competitive fights between players, requiring a high level of team play. Nothing is known about the exact rewards, but most likely they will not be worse than for completing the Twilight raids.

And you thought it would be easy?

Have you read the reviews from the fast-fire publications and decided that Destiny 2 is an ordinary story game with multiplayer and cooperative missions? As you probably already guessed, many reviews relate to many aspects of the game extremely superficially. It’s understandable: Bungie put so many interesting things into the game that it’s almost impossible to talk about the game briefly without losing anything important.

But if you still want to make the game a little easier, without turning it into an exhausting race for the Force, then try to alternate activities. So you can get a variety of content and not be bored, doing the same thing for several hours.

The two funniest ways to spend time in Destiny 2 are Twilight Raids and PvP.

With the second one, everything is clear: we run in small arenas, compete in accuracy and tactics. But Twilight raids are already a more sophisticated thing. In fact, these are complicated versions of conventional raids.