Online builder course-Course that help you build your dream home

If you have a great dream of building your home all according to your plans and you have the keenness to turn your ideas into practicality, then you must join for an Owner builder course . This is a course that gives you all practical and theoretical knowledge but will also give you the eligibility to do so, ie approval to build a house on your own, without hiring any professional builder. By joining an this course you can get the knowledge of all the practical aspects of building a house and gives you all much-needed introduction to the domestic construction process.  You have may register organizations that provide you this course online.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will have to take an assessment which helps to evaluate what you have acquired all the knowledge required to carry on construction work as an owner builder. As an owner builder, you are permitted to construct residential property at your own site and you are not authorized to do any commercial constructions or third-party construction works. Being an owner builder, you must reside in the home after its construction and you are not supposed to rent or sell the house to any third party.

Owner builder course

An owner builder is expected to have a fair knowledge about understanding or making plans, safety measures to be taken at the site of work, periodical inspections to be done, choosing subcontractors for certain part of work and all other financial risk factors included. He should be able to monitor the standard of work and workmanship. Should have the technical ability to direct and asses the work of workers.


Do’s and Don’ts as an owner builder

  • With an owner-builder permit, you can carry on construction work at your site without hiring any professional builder.
  • You have all the control over choosing materials used for construction, you can engage any number of domestic builders of your choice to complete various parts of the work.
  • Owner-builder must take all the responsibilities of work and workers who are engaged in work in his property. He is also responsible for obtaining a building permit from the local construction board and always ensure that the work carried on in his site is in accordance with all building standards specified in the permit.
  • An owner-builder must also contact a building surveyor and get his building inspected at regular intervals and make sure that the project gets the final approval.


Don’ts :

  • An owner builder is not supposed to carry on occupational works like plumbing, wiring, gas pipeline work, tiling etc.
  • He is also not permitted to do any other commercial business constructions or use his building for any commercial purpose.
  • They are not permitted to engage any tradespersons with them.
  • For occupational works such as wiring, plumbing, gas lines etc, an owner builder may arrange and contract out part or parts of the building work he is undertaking to some qualified technicians such as licensed plumbers and electricians or registered domestic builders who are authorized to perform that particular type of work.