Do you want to buy a house? Check these conditions in Los Cabos and live happily

Once a selection of convenience has been made based on cost, surface, and location, there are two types of comparisons to be made during the home purchase process. The first is cognitive: it is necessary to evaluate the area, the correspondence of the estimated value in the offer, the reliability of the sellers, or the trust in the intermediary agency. The second is diagnostic: this would be the best time to contact an experienced and trusted professional technician. Because once the house is purchased, if there are important problems, it is more difficult to solve them and even more expensive! Therefore the evaluations to be made can be listed in the following 8 main points. Also do not forget to check the following link: The Ultimate Los Cabos Homebuyer Guide The Ultimate Los Cabos Homebuyer Guide

Know the area in depth

Inquire with the neighborhood, friends, or residents of the area. Check for the presence of services (public transport, schools, green areas, neighborhood shops, health centers, etc.), understand the possible difficulties of access, how to reach the place, ease of parking for one’s own vehicles and for guests, to know if it falls within a limited traffic zone, if it is close to major roads, and so on.

Through a trusted technician, learn if it is within the urban perimeter (possibility of creating garage) if it is a historic area (need for access permits), urban or sub-urban (probable lack of services) or hilly, foothill, landscaping, agricultural, or other.

Not always the market evaluation of the “zone” corresponds to the urban position. For example, there are cities where the value of the peripheral areas is greater (waterfront, luxury residential, etc.), compared to the central areas abandoned or degraded or otherwise difficult to access. Last but not least, assess the degree of safety perceived in the surroundings and how to intervene if necessary. It can be solved with a simple armored door (guaranteed), with more or less “artistic” grilles on the windows, or with a good alarm system, perhaps with remote home automation video surveillance. In this case, it is advisable to use a silent system since it is known that when the alarms sound only curses are received while being assured of immediate prompt intervention can often resolve dangerous issues.

Obtain an updated floor plan

As soon as you have taken possession of the plan, you should examine it together with a technician to verify the dimensions, the correspondence of the declared surfaces, the urban and building compliance. Then it is necessary to verify the feasibility of the desired or necessary interventions, however, to be foreseen. Structures, easements, the positioning of discharges, neighborhood relations, urban planning, and landscape constraints are crucial. Sometimes it happens that you find yourself having to give up work of essential changes due to previously missed checks.

Check the feasibility of your ideas

Analyze some design change proposals and appreciate their effectiveness. It is not always possible to do whatever you want; there are often technical difficulties (unexpected costs) or bureaucratic (regulatory obstacles). Sometimes it is just impossible to do what is deemed necessary, and so you find yourself disappointed, deceived if you don’t cheat.